Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Join My Damsel in Defense

Damsel in Defense is a company founded in October 2011. The founders are two moms, Mindy and Bethany. This is an MLM company that focuses on women products. It wants to educate women and equip them so they can feel safer and more confident. It provides several products to protect women from domestic violence and sexual assault. Do you want to get the products? You can join My Damsel in Defense. You can get the stun guns. These guns are very useful. The shape is also nice. The guns are also created with nice color. They are not like the common guns. You can bring them easily and fashionably. The stun guns are designed with high voltage. But, they require low amperage. The gun will not injure attacker, but the energy on the gun will be dumped into the muscle of the attacker. It can reduce his blood sugar instantly. His body will not produce energy for muscle. The gun also makes the attacker looses his balance. He will not touch you.

By joining My Damsel in Defense, you can also get pepper spray. Pepper spray will also protect you from violence. The burst to his face can make short-term blindness, choking and coughing. There is an active ingredient in the pepper stray called Oleoresin Capsicum. If you want get the most effective pepper spray, you can consider the percentage of the pepper and its heat rating. Damsel in Defense pepper spray is one of the hottest and the most powerful pepper sprays in the world. If you want to order, your order can be shipped nationwide, except several restricted areas. For stun guns, they cannot be shipped to HI, CT, MI, MA, NY, NJ, WI, RI, Baltimore, Annapolis, IL, Chicago, IA, PA, Washington, and Philadelphia. Pepper spray cannot be shipped to MI, MA, NY, WI and air delivery service.

Joining My Damsel in Defense can be a nice business. The market of Damsel in Defense products can be risen quickly.  The target market is still large since the term of self-defense products is still untouched. Moreover, there are many husbands that support their wife to buy Damsel in Defense products. They consider that the products are very useful for protection.

Both man and woman can join My Damsel in Defense. This company provides products for women, but a man can also join to sell the products. According to the report, men are the best sellers. Joining Damsel in Defense will give you many benefits. You can get the profits from your sell and the sell of your downlines. If you have downlines, you will get profits without many actions.

At the moment, the marketing team for daily operations of Damsel in Defense contains Mindy Lin, Bethany Hughes, Jimmy Lin, Chris Hughes, and Bob Hipple. Mindy Lin is a co-founder and chief marketing officer. Bethany Hughes is a co founder and chief services officer. Jimmy Lin works as Chief financial officer. Chris Hughes works as Chief procurement officer and Bob Hipple works as chief executive officer. More Info

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